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OKAY! SO....This game was mechanic prototype was made in 6 hours which is why its soooooo ugly!
The idea of the game is you have a swarm of bees (in this prototype they are shown by the green particles).
All around you are NODES (these might be hives, flowers etc...) and you collect resources. Your bees can only carry one lot of resources at once so be careful about grabbing the first one you see!
Only the ones within the red area can be identified at a glance:
Cyan: 1 point.
Magenta: 5 points.
Gold: 10 points!

Gold will never appear within the red area. Do you risk spending time searching for high points resources?! (by the time you get over there they might be gone!!) or do you go for safe ones close by that you know are worth something??.

You have to bring them back to the node in the bottom left corner to claim the points!

I was hoping to get a simple state machine in there for an AI opponent, but i accidentally spent the first 2 hours coming up with loads of ideas!!!! (D'OH!).

There i no beginning or end, I just wanted to experiment with node base (sort of) RTS stuff, since its not something i've ever done before! :D

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Published1 year ago


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